Top 5 Outdoor Summer Workouts


The sun is shining and the summer vibes are fully on. You don’t want to fall out of your fitness routine, but working out indoors just does not seem appealing. The summer is short, we get it, that’s why we decided to list the best workouts and activities to do outside.


Outdoor Bootcamps

Bootcamps are an enjoyably social way to get fit or maintain your weekly physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. Not only do you get a great workout, but you get to do it outside, under the sun with a bunch of other people to inspire you. Try the One Element or Ravenscourt Bootcamps.  


Yoga in the Park

Do you live close to a park? Why not just put on those yoga pants, grab your yoga mat and head for some yoga in the park? Call a friend to join you and you can catchup over lunch after your yoga session.




Water sports are the best activities to do on sunny summer days! Imagine wakeboarding right in the middle of London. How awesome does that sound? It is totally doable. Book a wakeboarding session at WakeUp Docklands via SportSetter.


BBG workouts

Ever heard of the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide workout? It’s a 28-minute circuit workout that will get you burning calories like crazy. With a little alteration, you can do the workout easily in the park without all the extra gym equipment. If you don’t own Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide or haven’t downloaded her app, you can find lots of other similar bodyweight workouts online that you can do using your own bodyweight. Use the park benches to do jumps, knee ups or tricep dips. You will feel the burn.





Instead of sweating on the treadmill why not sweat while getting a tan and looking at some awesome scenery? Or if you don’t like running at daytime, there is also the option of joining London Midnight Runners for a jog and a workout at night. Running through the empty streets of London at night with a bunch of like minded people does sound pretty cool, doesn’t it?

To find more outdoor workouts check out the SportSetter web page. Click below.

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