Can Technical Workout Wear Help You Perform Better?

So you are out there jogging or at the gym lifting weights, and you can’t help but notice what everyone around you is wearing while working out. You’ve got everything from the over sized t-shirt and shorts gang to the super high tech professional looking fitness gear fanatics. It gets you thinking, does it really make a difference what you wear when you work out? Can the innovative materials and high tech design really make a difference in the way you perform?


Well according to athletes it can. If you are the typical basketball shorts and a cotton shirt kind of person, you might notice that every time you finish working out, your t-shirt is wet and stuck to your body. Instead of choosing to workout with that 100% cotton t-shirt or top, choose a shirt that drives perspiration away from your body.  

Not only do technical workout apparel feel better when working out, but they can also help you with your performance. In sports like swimming the competition outfits have been regulated due to clothing providing unfair advantages. In 2010 full body swimsuits made out of polyurethane were banned because they created an unfair advantage to wearers.

Sundried Activewear 65

If you are thinking about upgrading your workout wardrobe, check out Sundried apparel. Their clothing is inspired and designed by real athletes and is made to last. Sundried has set specific focus on their materials and design. All their clothes are produced with the environment in mind by minimising the carbon footprint. Their apparel also not only feels great, it is also designed to make you look your best when working out. Looking good when working out is always a good mental motivator for you to hit the gym. 

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