Why Yoga Pants Are Now The It Apparel

Forget those days when working out meant that you would wear your most worn out t-shirt and those old unfitted shorts. Looking at yourself in the mirror is much more fun when you like your gym apparel. Think about it, when you are at the gym you end up spending a quite a lot of time in front of the mirror. Whether you are in a yoga class or at pilates you often end up checking your position in the mirror, is your back straight? Are your asanas aligned correctly?

Of course it’s not just about the appearance. Gym apparel also needs to be comfortable. We all love the comfort of yoga pants and technical tops that actually breathe. That is most likely why the hottest trend on the streets seems to be wearing yoga pants and cool sneakers. If you don’t believe us, just walk into your closest Whole Foods or a hip cafe and you will know what we are talking about.


If comfort is a deal breaker for you, it’s important to wear the right materials. Asquith is a London based brand that makes comfortable, convenient, and trendy clothing for your active lifestyle. The one thing that sets Asquith apart from the rest is their amazing fabrics. According to their own words they are obsessed with it. All their products are made from organic cotton and bamboo fabrics. They have recently launched their new collection which is made of Bambor. It is a blend of organic cotton, bamboo and elastane. Unlike synthetic performance fabrics it is also chemical-free and sustainable. Their products are designed to be durable and to last much longer than the average high street versions. This is better for both you and our planet. Sounds pretty amazing right?

Asquith clothes are designed for everyday use and don’t make you look “too sporty”. They are perfect for those busy days when you need to run from the office to lunch and then to that yoga class. Check out their collection on their website

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One thought on “Why Yoga Pants Are Now The It Apparel

  1. Wow!!! What a beautiful gym pant. You are right it is not old days, where we need to wear decent activewear to do exercises. It has become so change and activewears has also become so modern and stylish that gives stunning look to us and makes us comfortable. Asquith is one of my favorite brands and I always like to buy my all sports clothes from here. Even your new yoga pant collection is fabulous and attracting me a lot to buy it soon. Thanks to share all about stylish yoga pants here.


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