The Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Getting in shape does not have to be difficult. You do not need those gym machines to get strong muscles. Working out using your own bodyweight as resistance can be just as effective. If you aren’t a pro gym goer, you might also be worried about not quite getting how all those fancy scary looking machines actually work. When doing bodyweight workouts, you do not need all that extra equipment to distract you. Sounds nice and simple right? To convince you even further, we listed the top five benefits of bodyweight training.



When doing bodyweight training, you don’t need all that extra equipment. You can achieve results just as effectively by just using your own bodyweight as resistance, as you can by using regular gym equipment. You just need to know what you are doing. There variety of moves you can do is almost infinite. There is so much more to bodyweight training than just pushups and jump squats. If you aren’t familiar with the moves that you can do using your own bodyweight, take a bodyweight training class. Because no gym equipment is needed, bodyweight training can be well done outdoors. If you are in London, head for the Commando Active or Keep Fit bootcamp.



Without having to move across the gym from one gym machine to the other, transitioning from one move to the other is much faster. If you are looking to burn calories, keeping your heart rate at an elevated level is important. To maximise calorie burn when doing bodyweight training, High Intensity Interval Training workouts are your best option. If you aren’t familiar with HIIT workouts take a HIIT class. In London a great gym to go to is the West Hampstead HIIT Gym.



When doing bodyweight training, you can easily customise the moves to suit your level. Take a push-up for example, you can do one with your legs straight or with your knees on the ground. If you feel that the normal push-ups are too easy for you, try doing one from a hand stand. The intensity of the workout is also easily customisable by the amount of reps done and by performing the exercises faster or super slowly. Also taking shorter breaks or adding movements (claps on top of each push-up) are ways to make your workouts tougher.

shutterstock_331291736 (1)



Try planking, mountain climbers or burpees, these moves will work multiple parts of your body. When sitting on a gym machine the machines are usually designed to work only a specific muscle group. Gym machines may also have a more limited range of motion compared to non-machine work. This means that you might actually not get as much out of the machine in each rep as you would not using the machine.


Strengthens muscles

Have you seen the muscles that those bodyweight training enthusiasts have? Yes it is very possible to get that six pack or amazing triceps by working out with your own bodyweight. Try doing single leg squats instead of using the bench press machine or switch from the seated chest press machine into push-ups. It works.


Why not try a bodyweight workout this week? To get your moves right, reserve a bodyweight workout through SportSetter. Click here to reserve:

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