Pole dancing in review

Pole dancing is a sport that everyone should try at least once in their life. The sport has grown in popularity over the years. In order to see what it’s really like, we decided to send a first timer to try the sport and write about her experiences. Here is her take on the sport.

Pole dancing is a sport that I always thought would require a great amount of strength. The thought of hanging upside down on the pole by the mere strength of my inner thighs did feel a little absurd. Although I have to admit I was a little nervous, I decided to try the beginners pole dancing class with an open mind. Here is how it went.

poledancing pic for blog

How to prepare for the class:

To prepare for the class you need to make sure you have the right gear. When pole dancing, it is important that you are able to get a good grip of the pole with your inner thighs. Therefore it is essential that you wear mini shorts. You will also need to bring a small towel with which you can wipe the pole when it starts getting slippery.

The flow of the class:

The class started off with some basic stretches and warm up moves. The warm up moves included some basic arm, wrist and hip rotations, along with a short session of sit ups and planks that were done on a mat. Not difficult.

The work on the pole begun with some basic rotations and swings around the pole. These were quite simple moves that even I could complete and look somewhat elegant. After the basic rotations the moves became slightly more challenging. The moves included the ‘front hook spin’, the ‘back hook spin’ and the ‘chair’ spin. These were fun to try and after a couple of laughs they actually started looking quite good.

poledancing pic2 for blog

From swinging the class moved to various stationary ‘sits’ on the pole. As a first timer I definitely felt these moves in my inner thighs. Although it was somewhat challenging, after a couple of crashes and multiple laughs, sitting on the pole was actually possible.

After the sitting, we started practicing the ‘basic invert’. This is a move that requires a good sense of humor. Attempting to get yourself hanging upside down on the pole at your first pole dancing class is pretty much impossible. Yes, I did look funny, and nope I did not succeed. I did have a good laugh though!

After the various weird looking attempts of the ‘basic invert’ the class ended off with the basic climb. Climbing the pole is not as difficult as it looks. Even a first timer can succeed in reaching the top.
By the end of the finishing stretches I left the class feeling like a champion. My arms were sore and I had gained a couple of bruises, but I had definitely exceeded my own expectations. I can definitely recommend pole dancing to anyone.


// Maria from SportSetter

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