This week’s workout tips

Have you planned your week’s workout schedule yet? Here are a couple of fun classes to try this week.

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Bodyweight training start course – CompactFit Training Studio

CompactFitAre you interested in bodyweight training? The bodyweight course that starts on Monday (1.2.2016) is a 4-week Start course that consists of a total of 8 workouts. The course is held on Mondays and Thursdays at 19:30. You’ll get familiar with bodyweight workout routines and techniques in a safe environment, guided by professionals. This course also includes the next month’s workouts (unlimited workouts for March). 



Aqua Spinning – Flamingo Spa Vantaa

Who says cardio needs to be boring? Jump on the Hydrorider aqua bike and get ready to have some fun – while working your butt off, of course. Aqua spinning is great for fitness and gentle for your knees, focusing on developing leg muscles and overall fitness. No previous experience is required. Your first class is free.



Rocket yoga – It’s Yoga Helsinki Oy

YogaEver tried Rocket Yoga? Rocket yoga is based on the classic ashtanga yoga. It’s energizing and suitable for all yogi levels. You can vary the asanas (movements) to your level of skill and endurance. Rocket yoga helps with mobility, strenght and flexibility and will leave your body realxed yet energized. Your first class is free.



Poledancing for beginners – POLE4fit Kamppi

Thursdays are for poledancing. This class takes you through the basic poledancing techniques and is a great way to get started with poledancing. Previous experience is not required for this class, everyone is welcome! Your first class is free.



Ballet Workout – EtnoFitness

ballet workout photoIf you enjoy dancing and are looking for a workout, the Ballet Workout is the class for you. The Ballet Workout class develops strength and endurance. The class combines movements from classical ballet, Jazz dance and strength training to an overall experience that makes your body leaner and stronger. This is not a dance class, but a workout, targeting especially legs and core. Your first class is free.



Badminton – Merihaan Pallohalli Oy

How about a badminton match with your friends on Saturday? Rent a court at Merihaan Pallohalli. The rackets and balls are included. Your first reservation is free!



Stretching & Mobility

kehonhuolto kuva blogiinAfter a long week the Stretching & Mobility class is perfect for recovering. This class focuses mobility, functional training, elasticity and body awareness. Deep stretches and light mobility exercises will leave your body feeling refreshed and relaxed. Through SportSetter your first class is free. 

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