Stay En Pointe With a HotBallet Class at Esport Bristol


Since I fell in love with the new Esport Bristol gym I wanted to try out their other classes. I’m a big fan of anything dance and hot weather related so I jumped in joy when I realized that they have a class called “HotBallet”. I have danced ballet during my  teenage years and I still have a deep love for it. I also enjoy hot yoga so this sounded like a perfect mix.

HotBallet combines in a unique way Ballet and Pilates. This gentle class develops balance, mobility and it strengthens the muscles in legs and core. You don’t need any previous experience in ballet before attending the class.

The studio was quite hot when I stepped in and I was actually a bit worried whether I´d be able to do full ballet class there. We started the class with basic ballet moves on the floor, and everybody was dripping with sweat already after the first series. We finished the floor section with ballet jumps… oh man those were tough! Just imagine jumping up and down in a heated room. I haven’t ever sweat that much before. Second part of the workout was more pilates oriented, we did core work on the floor and most of the moves were similar from a pilates class.

Overall this was such a fun workout and I definitely want to try this class again. As I already mentioned, you don’t need any previous ballet or dance experience. Of course it always helps but it is not necessary. Prepare to sweat a lot, bring light workout clothes, a towel and a big bottle of water.

And a little motivation fact for the girls out there; almost all of the Victoria´s Secret angels are doing Barre or Ballet classes in order to stay in shape! If they’re doing it then I’m pretty sure it’s going to help with getting in shape this summer!

Get your two week free trial at Esport Bristol and check out their HotBallet Class.

Thanks to SportSetter Jenna for this post!

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