Spin It Out

If you know me, you know I love my spin.  Spinning invigorates your psyche, slims down and tones your body (upper body too, dependent upon the class) and just gives you an intense and incredible cardio session.

But, what are the specific benefits of jumping on that bike?

1. Cardiovascular endurance.  A typical cycling class keeps you at 75-95 percent of your maximum heart rate which is amazing for building cardiovascular endurance, and can even bring that blood pressure down.  If you spin on a regular basis you’re conditioning your body and your heart to work more efficiently.

2.  You can do it any pretty much any age. Want to try something fitness related with Grandma or your Uncle who is just starting to get interested in fitness?  Indoor cycling is the perfect idea.  You can be any level of fitness and really go at your own pace if it is your first time, just be sure to let the instructor know.  Also, let me tell you, sometimes Grandma will just straight house you on the bike, and what better fuel for the fire than a little familial competition?

3. Non-impact.  Unlike other workouts that we love, if you want to give some of those aching body parts a break, jumping on an indoor cycling bike can be your best bet.

4. Weight Management.  You can burn anywhere from 600-1100 calories in a 45 minute session.  That is huge!  And, if you do it a few times a week, your endurance level will only get stronger, helping you work harder and you will only burn more.

5. Get some good rest.  Studies show that the more you cycle the better sleep you will get.  Your body will crave a good night’s rest and because your body is working more efficiently, the rest will be sounder and better.

So, download the SportSetter app to see what amazing indoor cycling partners we have like Crank Cycling Studio and Torque Cycling & Fitness and what incredible special experiences they are offering SportSetter members. WWW.Sportsetter.com

Blog written by: Julia Dalton-Brush  @ourfitjourney IG: Juliadaltonbrush

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