Boutique Fitness Trends

The last five years, the boutique fitness world has taken over NYC.  Everywhere you look there is a new gym and new workout or a new top instructor shocking the world by his or her awesomeness.  I remember the days that I would search for the closest gym to my apartment so that I can get on a treadmill or lift weights and not have to travel, now I will travel to the other side of the city, or into another borough for an incredible workout.  What has happened to this industry?  It has actually created workouts that make the busiest city in the world, stop what they are doing and add 30-45 minutes to their day, just to get to a class.

Why is that?  Well, in my opinion, boutique fitness offers much more than just incredible classes.  They have an experience, new like minded people and a whole other way to get fit.  Back in the day, you generally went to the gym by yourself, or had that one gym buddy who you hope wouldn’t bail on you to go to the gym with – that is no longer the case.  You know that your core 10-30 other people will be in that class, they will be your cheerleader, they will be your accountability and they will need you to be the same for them.  Then you add your favorite instructors, the people who have literally changed your life with their motivation and knowledge.  They become not only your instructors, but your friends and you are even more inclined to go to each and every class.  It can be a really beautiful, motivating and life changing thing.

Yet, for me and many other boutique fitness go-ers, it is also about trying something new.  Being at the forefront of the next big thing and getting into the class where the instructor is all anyone can talk about.  There are new gyms sprouting up each and every week, almost too much to keep track of.  This is where SportSetter steps in.  SportSetter helps you navigate all the incredible classes and fitness facilities there are in the city AND gives you amazing extra special experiences from our partners.  SportSetter learns about you, learns what you like, learns your budget and where you like to workout, then it shows you where their incredible partners are in your chosen areas AND shows you what incredible experiences these providers are giving SportSetter members.  It really is an ideal way to navigate this constantly changing world of boutique fitness.

Let’s be honest, we may think there are more boutique fitness gyms than we can handle already, but the rise of these gyms are just getting started and you need an app like SportSetter to show you the way.

The app launches in a few days and you will be able to take your gym loving and exploring ways with you, just by the push of the SportSetter button.


Blog written by: Julia Dalton-Brush  @ourfitjourney IG: Juliadaltonbrush

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